Who knew life changed after reaching the other end.

Kilometers before:

It was a moment of comforting silences, unable to speak because words fail,
because words have been said too much,
because words could never be enough. His hand on yours as he steers the wheels, unable to let go – so you hold it tighter.

I guess nothing beats that moment.

Suddenly, the lights became trails, and engine sounds came to a mute.
I guess I wanted to scream that time, and all I managed was a positive eyebrow gesture and an exhaled yes.

You saw his tears after that, and you tear up as well. Happiness was an understatement.

I should’ve been angry, I guess I had the right to at that time.
Knowing the type I was, I expect questions like that to be accompanied with well-planned surprises.
But the suddenness, spontaneity, and weirdness of it coming from that someone was more than a perfect formula for moments like those. It was surprisingly alright. more than alright.

Why make a person feel extra special only on moments like those?
We have them every moment we could get.

I thought it was just another of our made-up commemorations to celebrate the end of summer.

Kilometers after:

Summer has ended, everything else began.


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