Why date a girl writer

Date a girl who writes:

For every words you say, she appreciates.
All the things that you say will change her,
she believes,
leaving her to feel vulnerable to you.

For every piece of you, she remembers,
Written in her book,
Memories of the one she loves
From his hair down to his toes
Each words and pages contain.

For every love you give, she keeps.
She supplements your incompleteness,
Giving your life meaning.
A life you always dreamed of.

For every mistakes you’ve done, she forgives.
She believes every thing deserves second chances
No matter how big or small
She is always there for you.

For every flaws you have, she understands.
Everything is not perfect so is she, she admits
You may end up saying stupid things about life
but she listens and ultimately understands.

She is not your ordinary lady
She is hard to find
But once you found her.
Love her, keep her, and never let her go.
For she is an irreplaceable woman.

P.S. For my favorite writer and girlfriend.
PSS: Don’t date her, she’s mine. 


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