This isn’t an attempt to persuade you to keep turtles for pets..

Why Turtles make absolutely great pets for anyone?
And by anyone includes the non-pet lovers(like me).

+Because they’re amusingly boring.

+It’s the cheapest – hassle free pet there is.

+They don’t make sounds at all.
So you don’t have to worry about them waking you up at night or having to throw them slippers or be forced to feed them.
Do you ever wonder how a turtle sounds like? I do. and it will forever haunt me.

+They don’t need constant feeding
Feeding them is just a matter of sprinkling them turtle food.
Turtle food costs for about 10-20php which lasts for a month. Talk about saving.
They look so cute when they eat.

+They’re easy to clean up.
It’s a matter of changing the water and brushing their shells so id doesn’t get all slimy.
It’s easier and more preferable to washing the dishes.

+Nope, you can’t teach turtle tricks.
Accept that fact. It means you could save your time, effort and patience.

+Turtles make great companions
They make you feel un-alone just the way you want them to.
You can talk to them. All.day.long
Turtles are such great listeners. They don’t judge nor complain nor walk away from you.
It’s a live twitter – turtle version.

+You won’t worry if it gets lost.
It eventually comes back – days after, or weeks or years – alive.

+I don’t think anyone’s ever allergic to turtles.
Nor do you have to worry about rabies and fur.

+They could be mood pets.
For quite a while you could forget that you have a pet, and when you do remember (after a couple of days or so), he’s just there – lying on his back. Still alive.

+It’s a one-sided feeling for both parties.
The turtle lives for its self and could live for its self, and you live for your self.bow.

+They’re always smiling
So it makes you feel like you’ve been a great pet owner.

+If you managed to have a turtle dead under your ownership…
just how? …you’re the most terrible human being there is.

I’ve always wanted a turtle just so I could name it ‘Flash’, that is all.
This guy right here spoiled me too much that he bought me a turtle.(No complaints there)
And so I’m forced to be a nice human being.







Meet Flash the turtle.

Thank you to this guy who gave in to my desperate wish to buy me a turtle just so I could name it Flash.


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