Road Trip # 1

October 25, 2012

The Monastery of the Holy Eucharist or more popularly known as Simala by anyone who’s in search for miracles was the jumpstart of the many road trips that came.

The  monastery is the home of Birhen sa Simala which has been known for many miracles it has created among the believers and has been a favorite occasional stop for Cebuano devotees and tourists alike.

With the rise of its popularity, the what was once humble monastery has innovated into castle-like features. It’s recent facade may remind you of the European churches.








Specifically located in Marian Hills, Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga, Cebu – the way to get there isn’t so hard.
It’s approximately an hour bus-ride from the Cebu South Bus terminal.
Look for a bus that’s headed to Sibonga or any bus that passes by the place.
Fare rates cost about 140-160php (one way)
(Students are advised to bring their school IDs to avail of bus fare discounts)









The bus drops the shrine’s visitors to the stop where motorcycles wait to take you to an approximately 15min uphill trip to the monastery.
Motorcycle fare is 20php per person and could carry a maximum of 3persons per trip.








The walkway towards the shrine.








The main interior.
This is where the regular masses are held.

Right above the back of the altar is the Image of the miraculous Birhen where you could directly pray to her your intentions or do adorations.
















The place has extended and has become quite a ‘museum’ for many religious artifacts. Most of which are the many different images of the Virgin Mary.









We didn’t have a lot of photos on the inside since we were too busy hmm..praying, and respected the holiness of the place.






















We lit candles and said our prayers. A perfect way to jump start the more of our many adventures to come – together.

And so, after an hour or so of divine interventions, we decided to go to a nearby beach.
Motorcycle drivers there are kind enough to take you to the available beaches in the vicinity.
We happened to be taken to buko beach, just about 20mins away from the monastery.
Buko Beach is located before the Birhen sa simala shrine and is situated right beside the highway (just before a bridge)















There was no entrance fee (or maybe we just escaped from it)








Very cloudy. Perfect.








Though it wasn’t such a perfect beach to bathe in, it was enough for to take a dip into or just feel the sea breeze, chill and hang out.
For example –




















It’s an ideal place to do picnic lunches as well.
We ordered take outs before travelling, which is very much advisable for this trip.








Heading home.

While waiting for the bus ride home, we…



















lived. Thank God.








or not.


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